How important is to be warm during winter

What’s your favorite coat during the cold months of the year?
Yes, today we want to talk more about the importance of warm clothing during winter.
There is no doubt that everybody wants to look great in every season. We can talk for hours about imporving our looks, the nebefits of cosmetic surgery, the great clothing trends. But keep in mind that the perfect looks doesn’t mean less clothes.
We know that women are most likely to choose light clothing when it’s freezing outside. That’s why you need to remember that your health is really important and you shouldn’t think that the temperature outside doesn’t matter. In fact, it matters a lot when it comes to urinary problems, which means that the worm clothing can guarantee you that your health will be intract.
Always think of your feet – they should be warm, as well as your waist. Yes, we all want to be modern, but the health comes first.
So, stay warm and take care of yourself and your body.