Why mom was right about online Ipad games?

Mom was right about online Ipad games.

They can never replace the stimulation, excitement and learning opportunities physical play offers a growing child. Have you been to a park recently and seen how young mothers relate to their young children?

They give their phones a lot of attention. Perhaps these young mothers are usually on lolygames.com-by the way, the Online ipad games from lolygames there are usually very fun and addictive. They keep their Ipads within reach, as they continue playing, texting or chatting on their phones. When the young children demand some attention, the young mothers reach for their ipads and hand them to their children. The mother will goggle for a game which the youngster can play, like kicking on cue an ever returning ball. The young child will remain glued for long to such a game. Meanwhile, the mother continues playing loly games or chatting and texting.

Experts are finding this to be a worrying trend. They have found that kids who spend too much time on ipad online games learn slower than their counterparts who play more physical games. These children are also less able to express themselves emotionally. They are given to temper tantrums and other negative expressions of their emotions. Their speech skills are also lightly behind. All these findings were in children where the ipad had almost completely replaced the baby sitter.
Why mom was right about online Ipad games?
So, if you are a parent and have been freeing up some time for yourself by letting the ipad keep your baby quiet, you will need to reconsider your priorities there. Your baby will not grow up as fast, and as happy as he would if you played with him.

It is desirable when an ipad game replaces booze in a teenager. But it cannot replace the stimulation, discovery and development a young child gets from physical play. If you have been erring
on this one, you may need to put aside the Ipad and Iphone and engage your child. Or perhaps hire a baby sitter.