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Introduction to BioMed

Our focus is research and innovation for urinary incontinence, developing new products and treatment protocols to improve continence care. Our partners come from industry, patient/carer user groups, universities, NHS and government organisations

Here you will find details about who we are, about becoming a member, our current and previous research and development projects, and the services we can offer to those businesses, organisations and individuals committed to resolving the problems of intractable incontinence.

We also have information on both the clinical management of long-term catheterisation in our advice section, and the basic science behind the problems in the knowledge section.

Achieving urinary continence: the challenge

With an estimated 3% of the population suffering from incontinence, and a cost to the NHS of around 500 million per annum, this is a substantial medical, social and economic problem.

Many aspects of care for older and disabled people have advanced dramatically in recent years but the palliative management of intractable urinary incontinence has not progressed in line with these. To date there is no effective or acceptable alternative to the catheter and bag for people with intractable urinary incontinence that does not involve major surgery. Our aim is to change this situation.

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